Go Viva Live in 3 or more Weeks!

Maureen Data Systems

Go Viva Live in 3+ Weeks with MDS Envisioning / Readiness sessions.

With an experienced Viva solutions practice and delivery success stories, MDS will help envision your desired state –one that brings people, teams, applications, and data together with modules of your choice to encourage information growth with Viva Topics; discover, learn, and track learning needs with Viva Learning; or leverage OKRs to align teams on a common business goal-setting and management methodology with Viva Goals. Through Envisioning/Readiness sessions, our team will capture your priorities, business challenges, and culture to design and plan your New Platform and Adoption roadmap meeting your needs and delivering your Complete Reimagined Employee Experience with MDS Viva Readiness Solution Package.

  • MDS will conduct Envisioning/Readiness sessions during this engagement to deep-dive analytics to solve high-value business challenges and help you identify Viva Modules to go live within your timelines and business objectives.

  • MDS will conduct Workshops and Adoption Ready sessions for mix and match modules implementation with Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Learning, or Viva Goals in 3or more weeks.

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