Prototyping in the Microsoft ecosystem: 2-Week Proof of conc

Nprogression DOO

We offer a two-week Proof of Concept (POC) where our team will develop a prototype utilizing the most efficient tools in the Microsoft ecosystem to automate your business processes.

Microsoft provides a wide range of business applications and services cater to various business processes. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine the optimal architecture and select the most suitable applications or services that align with your objectives.
At N.Progression, we have significant expertise in working with diverse business applications. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your business processes and recommend efficient optimization solutions utilizing the entire range of Microsoft business applications and services, such as Power Platform, Azure Services, Business Central, Finance & Operations, CRM products, among others. By the end of the two-week POC, you will have a functional prototype that demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed solution and provides a roadmap for further implementation.


Part 1 (1 week) – analysis your business requirements

  • Business Process Assessment: Our team will conduct a detailed analysis of your existing business processes and identify areas that can be automated to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Solution Design: We will design a solution architecture and identify the most effective tools in the Microsoft ecosystem to automate your business processes.
Part 2 (1 week) – prototyping and business value evaluation
  • Prototype Development: Our team will develop a working prototype utilizing the selected tools and technologies to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solution.
  • Prototype Testing: We will conduct thorough testing of the prototype to ensure that it meets your business requirements and objectives.
  • Solution Evaluation: Our team will evaluate the effectiveness of the prototype and provide recommendations for any necessary adjustments or improvements.
  • Demonstration of the prototype with explanation of the chosen architecture
  • Roadmap for further implementation
  • Answers to questions
Why N.Progression?
  • We offer extensive multi-platform expertise in the complete Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure.
  • Our deep industry expertise based on 20 years of Microsoft experience and our industry-specific business process modeling and implementation methodology enable faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership
  • We offer exclusive add-on products featured on Microsoft AppSource, which help make migration faster and less risk

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