Migration from Tableau: 10-Day Proof of Concept

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Replicate one of your existing Tableau applications in Power BI

The goal of this POC is to demonstrate that Tableau applications can be migrated to Power BI whilst retaining all the same functionality. This POC will give you piece of mind that Power BI can deliver the same business insights and data interactivity as Tableau before embarking on a project to migrate your full Tableau platform to Power BI.

We work with you to select one of your applications to migrate for the POC exercise. We will perform a deep dive into the data to gain an understanding of your business and the insights you require. Then we will replicate the Tableau dashboard in Power BI.

Our consultants are experts in Tableau, we have worked with Tableau for over 10 years and still deliver BI solutions with it today. We understand how to translate what works well in Tableau to what works well in Power BI.

As part of the POC we will carry out an assessment of your entire Tableau platform and produce a roadmap for migrating it to Power BI. Go to our 1-Day Assessment offer to see details of what it includes.


Week 1

  • 1st day on-site at your business, gather requirements and understand the business problem
  • 2nd day acquire & explore data, establish all data connections
  • 3rd-4th day create data model using Power BI and define the main business KPI’s
  • 5th day start implementing visuals & first demo

Week 2

  • 1st-3rd day design and create reports using Power BI best practises
  • 4th day on site at your business, final feedback, modifications & demo
  • 5th day final handover and documentation of the pilot application


  • Power BI dashboard replicating one of your existing Tableau dashboards
  • A proposal detailing a full migration strategy that includes:

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