Power BI Boot Camp: 4-Day Workshop

Pragmatic Works

This is a four-day deep dive into building end to end Power BI Solutions including one day reserved for building a dashboard with your own data!

Power BI Boot Camp Goals

  • Design extraction processes for importing data
  • Creating data models for organizing data
  • Ability to build your own dashboards and reports
  • Understanding of the Power BI lifecycle


Day 1

  • Class introduction
  • Data discovery with Power BI Desktop
  • Transforming data

Day 2

  • Introduction to modeling data
  • Creating the data model
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Creating calculated measures

Day 3

  • Introduction to visualizing data
  • Creating basic reports in Power BI Desktop
  • Creating interactive reports

Day 4

  • Using Power BI Services
  • Refreshing the data
  • Mobile BI
  • Setting up notifications
  • Custom demonstrations
  • Working with your own data
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