Dynamics 365 Training: 4-Day Proof of Concept

Prosoft Systems Intl

Empower your Dynamics 365 customization team to build a proof of concept application.

Prosoft Systems Intl. provides a unique experience to our clients. Imagine a training in which the goal of the training is to build a proof of concept for your own organization. Prosoft’s 4-day workshop involves trainers who have experience with enterprise Dynamics across multiple industries. Over the course of the 4 days, students will learn the best way to implement Dynamics 365 based on your own project. Our trainings rely on hands-on instructor-led activities. By the end of the workshop, not only will you have a fully trained application team, you will have a proof of concept for your application.


Day 1 – Dynamics Customization Training with topics:

  • Dynamics 365 user experience walkthrough
  • Dynamics 365 data model with entities, fields, and relationships
  • Configuring record views and data entry forms
  • Applying business rules

Day 2 – Continuing Dynamics Customization training with topics:

  • Implementing business process flows
  • Automation logic with workflow
  • Discover the Dynamics 365 security model
  • Fundamentals of managing, packaging, and distributing changes across environments
  • Optimize application navigation and user interaction

Day 3 & 4 – Building a Proof of Concept Application:

Your employees will bring requirements for creating their own needed Proof of Concept. We will then go through the design process together and empower your team to build the application. We will be there to answer questions and provide additional insights into other topics and questions students may have.


  • We will provide instructions for setting up free sandbox environments for lab activities
  • We will provide training workbooks for students
  • We will provide training as discussed above
  • We will provide access to Business Analysts and System Architects for the design and development of your Proof of Concept

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