Power Platform & AI for business: 2-day workshop


Cluster Reply provides a 2-day workshop to learn how to use AI models in low-code business applications developed in Power Platform: the aim is to automate and simplify your business processes.

Cluster Reply Data & AI experts will provide a two-day workshop where you will learn how to successfully apply Artificial Intelligence models to low-code business applications. Throughout the workshop you will gain insights on how to seamlessly integrate Machine Learning models with Power Platform: if your goal is to either automate or simplify your business processes, this workshop is what you need!

We all know that Artificial Intelligence can empower business processes, from production lines to administration; low-code platforms are now capable of building cognitive intelligence into applications, without having extensive data science skills or a dedicated AI infrastructure. It seems like a match made in heaven, but what can you actually do with these new AI features? Despite the hype, sometimes it’s difficult to find suitable applications in order to really bring AI to the business. Our experts will allow you to:

Day 1 agenda: • Identify which processes can be optimized in your company using Cognitive Services; • Implement and train a prototype AI model tailored to your specific needs; Day 2 agenda: • Build a usable Power App and manage potential alerts with Power Automate; • Visualize the data you’ve obtained using Power BI.

This workshop is designed for both technical and non-technical power users who want to make use of new cutting-edge technologies to improve both their skills and their line of work. The price of this workshop may vary as it's influenced by the complexity of the process to be optimized, the implemented AI model, and the number of visualizations developed in Power BI.

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