Data Protection Program & Strategy Design - 12 Week Implementation


End-to-End Data Protection to Identify, Classify, Protect and Optimize Your Data in Microsoft 365

The objective of this engagement is to Identify the data your organization stores and handles, classify your data based on sensitivity, protect your data throughout its lifecycle and across platforms and optimize the effectiveness of controls protecting the data within your Microsoft 365 environment.

Program Readiness Assessment (Identify)

  1. Data Protection Program Assessment: Cross-functional program alignment and Implementation roadmap for recommendations and quick-win improvement opportunities
  2. Data Protection Tool Assessment: Technology and Licensing optimization strategy
  3. Data Discovery : Preliminary inventory of data landscape and Identify unprotected sensitive data in Microsoft 365

Strategy and Deployment Roadmap (Classify)

  1. Data Identification: Business alignment with data protection capabilities
  2. Enforcement Controls: Risk-based data protection mechanisms
  3. Reporting & Metrics: Defined success metrics and Concise, relevant reporting by stakeholder
  4. Sprint Backlog: Defined methodology to prioritize activities

Microsoft Deployment and Optimization (Protect)

  1. Data Inventory: Preliminary data protection use cases and Protection rules aligned with business objectives
  2. Classification Schema: Organization-wide data classification schema
  3. Microsoft Deployment Plan: Structured technology rollout plan in Microsoft 365

Managed Services (Optimize)

  1. Sustainable Data Governance in Microsoft 365: End-to-end program management
  2. Ongoing Data Discovery: Consistently updated data landscape
  3. DLP Alert Management: Managed data loss risk, Automated triage and workflow and Cost-effective personnel scaling
  4. Insider Risk Management: Ongoing threat management


  1. Data Protection & Technology Maturity Methodology
  2. Data Protection Tool Coverage Heatmap
  3. Microsoft Purview Deployment Coverage
  4. Automated Purview Scanning
  5. Data Landscape Power BI Dashboards
  6. Data Loss Prevention Use Case Library
  7. Documented Considerations for Enforcement
  8. Sensitive Data Identification Use Case Library
  9. Data Classification & Handling Policy Templates
  10. Microsoft Purview Deployment Pans
  11. Defined Key Performance Indicators
  12. Training and Awareness Documentation
  13. Data Governance Documentation Templates

Pricing and timing can vary depending on size of Microsoft 365 environment and volume of data.

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