Discover DAX, Power Query & R: 2-Day Workshop

RoseBud Technologies

An exploratory workshop covering DAX, Power Query, and R capabilities in Power BI Desktop.

This 2-day workshop held at your facility is for technical and business leaders.

At the conclusion of this workshop, business leaders will have an introductory insight into the capability of the Power BI Desktop and its components.


Day 1 Morning

Introduces the Power BI Desktop application. Using Power Query large volumes of data from multiple sources will be brought into the Power BI Desktop, then edited and shaped to meet business requirements.

Day 1 Afternoon

Introduces DAX to enhance the data brought into Power BI Desktop. DAX has a powerful capability to build relationships, measures, and a variety of calculations. This allows consuming large amounts of data to get significant insights and actionable information from the business data.

Day 2 Morning

Introduces R in the Power BI Desktop application. Power BI Desktop is used to create visualizations that are available in Dashboards, Datasets and Reports. They are interactive, responsive, and can be custom-tailored for various business audiences.

Day 2 Afternoon

We discuss the use of Power BI Desktop within the your organization. We review issues & opportunities in your environment. We also provide a preliminary plan including scope, objectives, deliverables.

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