Job-Shop Manufacturing - 2 Hour Assessment

Sabre Limited

In a two hour discussion, we can assess your manufacturing needs and recommend a best practices and implementation plan

Sabre Limited has worked with hundreds of manufacturers during our 20+ years in business. We have extensive experience with all kinds of manufacturing; especially Job Shops which are one of the most common Small and Medium Business (SMB) manufacturing types.

Our aim is to help you evaluate your manufacturing processes, map those to Business Central (and sometimes recommend suggest addons)

We want to help manufacturers find the right ERP system and through our 2-hour Assessment, we can determine if Dynamics 365 is right for you.


One of our senior manufacturing and supply chain experts will assess your needs over a 2-hour interview. We will discuss:

  • The product you sell and your manufacturing methodology (contract manufacturing, job-shop, make to order etc…)
  • Where your supply chain is located and how you manage ordering and inventory
  • What your production process is and what equipment and staffing you have
  • Your current ERP system challenges and critical needs
  • Your business future direction including; New products, new markets and new modes of manufacturing you may be pursuing


We will provide a 3 page written outline of our findings including:

  • Identify High level determination of any gaps in the Dynamics 365 Business Central product
  • Give an appraisal of whether you should evaluate Finance and Operations
  • Provide a budget estimate for software and training costs
  • Review the (attached) Sabre implementation pricing
  • Outline a strategic implementation plan

Also Recommend any 3rd party modules you should investigate – including:

  • Shop floor manufacturing execution systems
  • Inventory barcoding solutions
  • Shipping and receiving barcoding solutions
  • EDI
  • Graphical finite capacity scheduling/planning
  • Sabre’s engineer to order or production addon modules

For more information on our unique Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and training methodology, contact us.

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