Onesec Digital Identity

Secure Nextgen Systems

Having a Zero Trust and IGA/IAM (Identity Governance and Administration / Identity and Access Management) service offering becomes increasingly relevant

In the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges, the integration of ONESEC and Microsoft 365 into our services underscores our dedication to fortifying organizations against modern threats.

Robust Defense Against Modern Threats: With Microsoft 365's advanced security capabilities, our solution offers a formidable defense against cyber threats, from insider attacks to compromised credentials.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Our integrated services simplify compliance with industry regulations, ensuring consistent adherence and mitigating the risks of penalties and legal consequences.

End-to-End Cybersecurity Solutions: Embracing Zero Trust and IGA/IAM, our offering addresses vulnerabilities comprehensively, ensuring protection across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Adaptive Security Model: The adaptive nature of the Zero Trust model enables seamless security across diverse environments, crucial in countering rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Granular Access Management: Microsoft 365's IGA/IAM capabilities provide granular control over user access, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data access or breaches.

Cost-Effective Protection: By preventing breaches and upholding compliance, our solution leads to substantial long-term savings, redirecting resources towards strategic initiatives.

Agile Human Resources Management: Streamlining access management processes, our IGA/IAM solutions simplify HR and IT procedures, enhancing operational efficiency.

Transparent and Auditable Processes: Our solution ensures transparency and accountability, allowing organizations to easily track, audit, and report access and activities.

In the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, ONESEC and MICROSOFT ENTRA, backed by Microsoft 365, empower organizations to navigate the digital realm confidently and resiliently.

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