CI for Distributors-2-Day Assessment

Sikich, LLP.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - 2 Day Assessment for Distributors

Bring your data together with Customer Insights See all your important customer data in a single platform. Information like Sales Transactions, Customer Order Volume, Inventory Levels, Market Trends, Buying Behaviors, Social Awareness, and much more. This data can be enhanced, matched, and stored securely in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. Sikich draws on its industry expertise to assess your data sets, identify the top priority sources that make the most impact, and include additional third-party data sets for enrichment of the unified customer profiles. Frequently used sources including CRM systems, ERP systems, Distribution systems, databases, social media platforms and custom-built applications.

Distributor Insights Exclusively within this offering, Sikich offers a unique view into your customers through Customer Insights for Distributors. We will validate and normalize your customer information to provide clear and consistent view of your customers across all your datasets, then connect Power BI to the Customer Insights instance and provide a dashboard. These dashboard gives a look into the relevant measures related to your distribution business

Power End to End Customer Experiences Leverage insights to drive actions such as focused sales campaigns and recommendations for next actions. Track measures such as Customer Order Volume, Value, and Backorders and more. Build segments using information available in the new unified profile. Enhance your 360 profile with AI and Machine Learning. Bring together these insights to drive better engagements with your customers and create lasting relationships.

Services Provided: Business Objective Discovery Session Data Source Analysis Session Customer Attribute & Business Measure Session Customer Profile Enrichment Session User Experience Vision

Deliverables: - Customer Data Platform Roadmap - Estimate of Services Investment to Execute Roadmap - Suggested Project Timeline