Construction Process Review: 3-Day Assessment

Stoneridge Software LLC

*A review of construction-related business processes delivering an actionable plan to address critical project and month-end issues and objectives.*

Stoneridge Software's Dynamics 365 for Operations Construction Process Review is focused on the job-to-profit business processes that are fundamental to construction companies. The review results in a long-term plan with a detailed list of actionable items to get you continual updates on project costs, statuses and margins, as well as stable and fast month-end processes. Stoneridge's Construction Process Review ultimately puts you in a better position to maintain your margins, keep your cash flow consistent, and get you the insights needed to run your construction company. ### Agenda **Day 1** * Meet with executive and leadership team to discuss business objectives and processes to assess * Gain an understanding of how the executive and leadership are currently utilizing technology **Day 2** * Connect with organization team members to determine their business objectives, changes, areas for improvement, and end business goals * Outline challenges that may hinder team members from making progress on their business objectives * Document processes that team members are looking to implement * Understand the current use of the technology in place * Identify inefficiencies and potential risks and of the technology in place **Day 3** * Stoneridge gathers findings of the Enterprise Process Review in an Executive Summary * Stoneridge presents the Executive Summary and recommendations, with respect to best practices, to the executive and leadership team ### Deliverables Executive Summary outlining a long-term plan and immediate action items for success in the construction industry when using Dynamics 365 for Operations. The Executive Summary can include: * Project Governance * Functional * Technical * Development * Integration
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