Thailand Pre-Implementation: 1-Wk Assessment


PIA - Pre Implementation Assessment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialized for companies that want to implement ERP system for Thailand branch or expand your business to Thailand.

This is 1 week assessment run by SYSCOM USA, Tokyo. The consulting service by conducting Pre-Implementation Assessment is aimed to companies/enterprises that are operating or going to operate a business in Thailand and want to manage with Microsoft ERP system.

In order to implement an ERP system in Thailand, you need to pay attention to 3 main points that may affect your system under Thailand law. which are:

TFRS (Thai Financial Reporting Standards): contain copyright material of the IFRS® Foundation.

  • Thai in all reports
  • Thai Baht as the accounting currency
  • Specified reports based on TFRS

WHT/VAT: Document forms that must be report to Revenue Department

  • Withholding Tax (P.N.D. 3, P.N.D. 53 and 50)
  • VAT form P.P. 30
  • Sales and Purchase VAT

E-Tax Invoice & Receipt The start of the E-Tax Invoice system use is different based on the size of the business. Large and Middle sized businesses whose revenue amounts to over 30M THB have started using the system on January 1st 2018. Small business whose revenue amounts between 1.8M to 30M THB will start using the system on January 1st ,2020. All other businesses can start using the system on January 1st 2022.

Agenda offered:

  • Local approaching
  • Assessing general business requirement and impact to the new ERP system.
  • TFRS,Thai Localization package analyzing for your company.
  • E-Tax Invoice methodology approaching.


  • Assessment report concentrated on TFRS Thai localization and E-Tax Invoice and receipt
  • General FIT/GAP report

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