Excel Reports in Power BI: 2-Wk Implementation


Assess existing Excel reports and provide a comprehensive solution to modernize the reporting platform and access to deeper insights with Power BI’s ability to slice, dice, drill through your data.


  • Collaborate with stakeholders to review the current or proposed Excel report and understand the business requirements.
  • Identify the source of data for the Excel report, and if possible, retrieve the data directly from the source.
  • Build and demonstrate a working Proof of Concept Power BI report that will replace the Excel counterpart.
  • Assist with the deployment, and if possible, its scheduled data refresh.


  • At the end of the engagement, you will have a proof of concept demonstrating how Power BI can help you replace many of the manual processes download the data points in your report.


  • This assessment may require us to collaborate with business analysts, report authors, and/or IT staff within your organization.
  • The Power BI report created during this engagement is intended for non-production environment and should undergo QA and User Acceptance testing before being used for decision making.
  • The requirement gathering from the business stakeholders will (ideally) occur one week prior to the actual engagement.

Cost is estimated due to variations in length of engagement and other expenses.

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