Compliant Healthcare Data Interoperability using Azure Health Data Services: 10-Week Assessment

TCS - Azure

Realize your vision of data interoperability within your healthcare ecosystem leveraging Azure Health Data Services (Azure FHIR)

If you are a healthcare organization and planning to leverage FHIR from Microsoft, then this offering is for you. Often, do you encounter any of these questions -

  1. Do you have disparate systems and you are looking for interoperability between them
  2. Not sure of how to integrate all of these systems together (Hospitals, Physician Offices, Labs, Pharmacies, Health Plans, etc.), transmit data cohesively and get insights into this data
  3. Are you looking for One view of all the data coming in from all these disparate systems
  4. Are you looking for ingesting the data from your EMRs/EHRs into Azure for further analytics and insights
  5. Are you looking for a PaaS platform to manage this data
  6. Do you want to leverage one of the three FHIR configurations from Microsoft
  7. Are you looking for streaming data from MedTech devices

If you are looking to cater to the above questions, TCS can help build an approach around your vision for interoperability within your ecosystem leveraging Azure FHIR offerings

What we do?

  1. Understand Customer Ecosystem
  2. Build Use case, prioritize/shortlist these use cases
  3. Identify the fit for purpose FHIR configurations available from Microsoft:
    • Azure Health Data Services (PaaS Platform) consisting of FHIR Service, DICOM Service, MedTech Service, Unstructured data (Clinical notes or Health documents)
    • Azure API for FHIR
    • FHIR Server for Azure
  4. Proof of Value Development (1 Use Case):
    • Translation of HL7v2, CDA, JSON, or CSV formats to FHIR R4
    • Process Visualization (based on Power Platform)
  5. Evangelization and Manifestation of outcome of Proof of Value highlighting the benefits of FHIR to your organization

Typical use cases where Azure FHIR can help (not limited to) –

  1. Clinical Data Exchange
  2. Patient Access API
  3. Provider Data Exchange
  4. Payer Coverage Data Exchange
  5. Data Exchange for Quality Measures
  6. New Payer Enrollment

Deliverables –

  1. Understanding of customer ecosystem, Use Case Building – 3 Weeks
  2. Design and PoV development on the shortlisted use case – 6 Weeks
  3. Review of recommendation of FHIR usage within your organization – 1 Week

Please NOTE that our offer price is based on the scope of work.

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