BI for Financial Services: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Teksouth Corporation

An engagement tailored to the Financial Services industry that uses your data and results in a foundational implementation of Power BI reports and dashboards.

This rapid implementation is low-risk way to determine if Power BI is right for your organization. We set up the software with some of your sample data so you can see how the system will work for you. If the pilot proves satisfactory, you can even use it as the basis for your production environment.

Teksouth will work onsite in collaboration with your team to:

  • Select appropriate data
  • Develop a data model for Power BI consumption
  • Design reports and dashboards


  • Basic setup of Power BI
  • Integration of a limited set of data (GL accounts, customers, vendors, employees and/or inventory items as appropriate)
  • Development of data model
  • Development of up to 10 reports / dashboards
  • 4 hours of training

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