ADAX COOP - ERP Projet service for agricultural cooperatives


Implement an ERP solution dedicated to Agricultural cooperatives (grain commodity trading, member accounting & agri-distribution): 12 to 24 months implementation

Agricultural Cooperatives need to implement an ERP solution specifically designed for their agricultural industry.

We provide a project implementation methodology adapted to your organization: diversity of activities (grain, distribution, retail, member accouting, farmer 360 view), of products (grains, fertilizers, seeds, services, etc.) and organisations (companies, sites, silos, warehouses, stores, etc.).

We provide out-of-the-box features specifically designed with our agricultural cooperatives customers. This enables us to accelerate the project implementation timelines.

ADAX COOP is fully embedded in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (Finance, Supply-chain) and thus benefits from the Cloud Azure platform and the related tools (PowerPlatform, IOT, AI, Power Automate, etc.).

Designed specifically for Agricultural Cooperatives, ADAX COOP leverages the modern ERP platform Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Powerplatform.

Agricultural cooperatives help their farmer members collect, store, process and distribute their crops. By selling products and services to members (fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, services, etc.), these same member commits to sell their produced crop to the cooperative in return. From Operations to Finance processes, the ADAX suite processes the entire flow from "the Field to the Fork" with 3 core modules: Grain Commodity Trading, Inputs Supply and Cooperative Member Accounting.

  • The cooperative member at the heart of the solution: 360° member view, multiple roles (Supplier, Customer, Member), configuration rules per activity (same member can produce Cereals, Seeds, Livestocks, Vegetables, etc.).
  • Supply Distribution to farmers: All the procurement, supply-chain and distribution of products and services sold to the members (fertilizers, seeds, equipments and tools, plant protection products, services).
  • Grain and other commodity trading: from the collection, storage, processing to marketing of grains / cereals and all related products (member procurement contract, grain receipt, attributes grading, grain premiums and quality schedules, flexible multi-level pricing calculation, self-billing, inventory management, mixing, sales contracts, link with Commodity stock market like MATIF, etc.).
  • Manage the full process of Livestock feeds and Miller management as the Cooperative can also sell grains to other indutries in the organization. Milling and Livestock feeding can procure from the Cooperative for their main commodity.
  • Ensuring the Member accounting : cooperative members as co-owners, capital management calculation, shares, dividends, warrants and guarantees, deposit account, interests, offset / netting payment, credit management and collection, loan management, member account statement.
  • Compliance with strict regulatory statements and reports like certifications, authorizations, industry statements (for instance in France: RPD, déclarations France Agrimer, certifications Bio, certiphytos, etc.),

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