C/AL to Extension Analyzer: 1-Day Assessment

UAB 1ClickFactory

Online assessment of C/AL solution to get ready to transition to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central SaaS.

1ClickFactory C/AL to Extension Analyzer helps to get ready for transitioning customized C/AL solutions to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central SaaS. It is an automated tool that analyzes C/AL solutions’ modifications and identifies the detailed conflicts list that needs to be solved to transition to an extension. In addition, it provides insights useful for conflict resolution based on 1ClickFactory best practice and calculates a preliminary estimate of effort required. The C/AL to Extension Analyzer helps to understand what preparation and resources are needed for the transition project. The analysis findings are provided within one business day of submitting the solution for the assessment in an Excel report that can be used as a working document for scoping and planning the transition.
The C/AL to Extension Analyzer is based on the 1ClickFactory knowledge base that has accumulated during the consulting and implementation projects of over 200 C/AL solution transformations. It provides detailed guidance on the optimal solution transition to extension and saves a significant amount of time that is required to conduct the manual C/AL solution analysis. The tool helps to evaluate the risk of transitioning to extensions, including staff, competencies, budget and time required to perform the transition. It reduces manual effort and saves time for the technical staff by giving a deep dive on the modifications.

The C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report price is 499 EUR. For the slightly customized solution, the C/AL to Extension Analyzer Report can be downloaded free of charge. For more heavily modified solutions, the free report overview is available before the purchase to help evaluate the initial effort required for the transition and decide whether to proceed with further analysis.
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