Viva Insights: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Unipartner IT Services, S.A.

Take advantage of our 4-week Proof-of-Concept offer to Improve productivity and wellbeing with actionable insights using Microsoft Viva Insights.

Microsoft Viva Insights is a customizable Microsoft Teams application that makes the employee experience more modern. It help individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organization thrive. With our initiative, we intend to hold a workshop on Viva Insights, assess work habits/patterns, define adaptive metrics based in advanced analytics, develop and implement an improvement prototype (POC).


  • Week 1: Setup - Preparation & Onboarding (Kick-Off);
  • Week 1 to 2: Discovery - Viva Insights Configuration and Viva Workshops;
  • Week 2: Envisioning - Characterization of features to implement, Training (individually & teams) and engagement of work sessions;
  • Week 3 to 4: Insights report development and Acceptance tests;
  • Week 4: Availability - General Availability, Production of the final Report version and Closure;
  • The entire process might be accompanied by UX/UI design and change management activities, subject to further analysis and bidding, in order to customize the look & feel and promote the adoption of the solution (more details in the annexes to the offer).


  • Conduct workshops on Viva Insights;
  • Alignment on top scenario for Advanced Analytics (Insights Report);
  • Develop and implement an Viva Insights prototype (POC) (more details in the annexes to the offer).

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