Volunteer Management Envisioning 2-Week Workshop

Wipfli LLP

Turbocharge your volunteer strategy with this ideation workshop - discover, imagine, and design a transformational approach to enabling your volunteer workforce

Discover, imagine and design innovative approaches to maximize the impact of your volunteer workforce through our proven human-centered design approach (IDEA Journey). Wipfli works alongside your team to identify volunteer needs, prototype potential solutions, and design the optimal solution.

This two week journey starts with a review of your impact objectives, followed by discovery and visualization of volunteer personas, and ends with a clear, actionable picture of how to best leverage technology to empower your volunteers.

Wipfli's nonprofit specialists bring knowledge and best practices from local to global nonprofits to turbocharge your volunteer strategy Whether developing a volunteer management system, helping navigate compliance regulations, or optimizing your team's skill thru the right training investments, Wipfli can help you create the future state you desire.

The full IDEA journey consists of:

  • Imagine a future state solution for your m