Zones Teams Calling

Zones, LLC

Zones a Microsoft Managed Partner helps businesses transition from legacy PBX and PSTN systems to Microsoft Teams Calling (MTC) for cloud-based communication, accelerating their digital transformation

What Zones Offers:

Assess: Zones will evaluate your existing infrastructure and assess the network, bandwidth, hardware, and software to ensure that it meets the requirements for Teams Calling.

• Design: Zones will handle your Teams Calling licensing and configuration of policies that meet your specific requirements, including call routing, voicemail, and other settings to optimize communication capabilities.

• Implement: Zones will set up your phone numbers with direct routing, toll-free, or international options. We also configure Microsoft Teams as your new service provider, transferring numbers from your existing telecom provider. Our setup includes configuring phone system components, such as call queues, auto attendants, and menus, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for emergency calling and location information.

• Adoption & Change Management: Zones will train your users/employees to use Teams Calling, focusing on making and receiving calls, managing voicemail, and utilizing Teams Calling features

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