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Where quality meets efficiency in procurement

Introducing ProcureSure, an advanced quality management solution developed for Dynamics 365 Business Central, crafted to empower businesses to maintain superior control over the quality of their incoming goods, services, and assets.
ProcureSure provides a complete suite of intuitive tools and checklists meticulously designed to guarantee that all products, services, and assets consistently adhere to pre-established quality benchmarks. Doing so significantly amplifies oversight and transparency across the procurement and receipt workflows.
Seamless integration with purchase orders simplifies the process of aligning actual parameters with received goods, thereby ensuring pinpoint accuracy even before generating the Goods Receipt Note (GRN). With ProcureSure, elevate your organization's quality control to unprecedented levels, ensuring unwavering excellence at every step.

Key features:

  • Effortless quality management: Create and define quality attributes with ease using our user-friendly Quality Parameters functionality. Capture essential details for thorough quality tracking, including QualityCode, description, and approved parameters.
  • Streamlined quality mapping: Seamlessly map default quality codes to your item and fixed asset masters, ensuring a tailored approach to quality management.
  • Seamless purchase order integration: Dynamically bring Quality Codes into your purchase orders, facilitating smooth mapping of actual parameters for received goods. Fill in actual attributes through a convenient interface, guaranteeing accurate quality data before generating the GRN.
  • Structured quality approval workflow: Initiate a well-defined approval process after generating the GRN with our Pending GRN Quality List page. This intuitive interface provides detailed information, including PO details, vendor information, and item specifics.
  • Post-approval review & comprehensive tracking: After approval, seamlessly transition entries to the Approved GRN Quality log for comprehensive tracking. Gain valuable insights into approval details like user name, date, and time, maintaining a clear audit trail.
  • User-friendly interface: Our app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making quality management tasks efficient and accessible for all involved - purchasers, receivers, and quality approvers.
  • Configurability and flexibility: Effortlessly configure Quality Codes in Item and Fixed Assets Masters to perfectly suit your unique business needs. Tailor the quality management process to seamlessly fit your organizational structure and workflow.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Transparent audit trails
  • Reduced risk of defects and errors
  • Improved compliance management
  • Streamlined quality control processes
  • Enhanced product quality

Ready to transform your procurement process and experience unparalleled oversight and transparency? ProcureSure is the answer!

  • Install the application directly from Microsoft AppSource.
  • Contact our representative today at to claim your free consultation session and learn how ProcureSure can benefit your organization.

Note: This app is eligible for Business Central Essential and Business Central Premium.

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