EKAER Connector

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Connect your Business with Electronic Public Road Trade Control System in Hungary (EKÁER).

Is it time consuming to identify your EKAER-obliged shipments? Do you want to save time, and make your EKAER administration precise in both time and quality?

Our app collects the content of the EKAER report based on the trading documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and makes it possible to request an EKÁER number directly from the ERP system. The app can store the EKÁER numbers and their validity intervals, and summarizes the most important data (value, gross weight, riskiness) from EKÁER point of view, helping the user to organize and execute tasks regarding shipments more effectively.

Features and benefits of using this extension:

  • storing EKÁER users and their data,
  • create an EKÁER document for both the type of sales and purchase,
  • request an EKÁER number directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • storing the EKÁER numbers and their validity interval,
  • possibility of grouping customs tariff numbers, 
  • indication of risky customs tariff numbers, managing risk groups,
  • storing the detailed address information required for the report,
  • managing multiple loading and unloading addresses,
  • storing vehicle information,
  • a summary of rows by customs tariff number,
  • conversion of the value of foreign currency trading documents into Forints, 
  • direction of the transport based on address data,
  • logging the sent and received messages.

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries


Supported Languages

The app is available in Hungarian (Hungary) and English (United States).

Please note, this app requires the Hungarian Regulatory Localization Pack app. Click the Contact me button to get the details of our offer.

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