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Quality Check

Foodware 365

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Setup quality plans, check points, triggers and assign Quality Teams.

You decide what and when to check. You make sure that the quality you promise is delivered to your customers. With this advanced Quality Check app from Foodware 365 you get comprehensive setup capabilities, from Quality teams, measurements, quality plans and actions plans. The Quality Check app is optimized to work on tablets to ensure employees experience maximal flexibility and mobility in checking the goods.

You decide when and what to check

By making use of Quality Triggers, you are able to define when and where, in your business processes, you want checks to be executed. This can be based on purchase receipts, sales shipments and a lot of other business triggers. Do you want to check different subjects depending on an item or item group, make use of the triggers and we help you to make sure the right check is done at the right moment. Do you have an underperforming supplier, simply add additional checks on a supplier level and we take care your quality team is alerted in time and checks the correct items.

Not just identify quality issues, act on them as well

In the case of a quality issue, nothing is more important than taking quick and effective action. We will start by registering all assigned measurements, ranging from registering a license plate and taking photos untill executing a multi measurement, e.g. the average temperature over multiple pallets. But it doesn't stop there. by defining quality action plans, we will automatically alert the right people in case deviations are registered and assign tasks, making sure the observation also leads to follow up actions. Together with Foodware 365 Inspection Status (sold separately), we can even block lot numbers to ensure the quality issue is solved before shipping the goods.

Fully customizable plans

Define measurement tools, measurements and use these to build your own quality checks. Setup target values and assign the checks to item, item groups or process steps. Define the action plans, what should be done if a deviation is observed. With the full flexible setup we ensure that a checks will fit your specific business needs.

Features and benefits

  • Easy and intuitive user interface on tablets
  • Setup Quality Teams and Users to streamline processes
  • Setup your own measurements, checks and action plans
  • Quality Dashboard available to get insights on status
  • Version Control on checks
Additional services are needed to setup the Power Platform connections

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:



Foodware 365 | Quality Check is charged at a price per user per month. Please contact us for more information on the pricing.