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incadea Automotive365 is a special solution which adds Automotive capabilities to Dynamics 365

You want to have an overview of all vehicle related sales documents? 

You need to generate a trial balance regarding all your business where a vehicle is involved? 

Then incadea Automotive365 is the right selection as a unique application focused on car dealers & service workshops needs. 

It enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities with automotive specific requirements such as Automotive Dimensions, Vehicle Card and Ledger Entries. 
In addition, it allows the user to handle sales and retail overviews including vehicle management. 

With specific Role Centers for the automotive business, the user can access specific entities and reports, like a Vehicle Trial Balance. 

Features and Benefits of this extension - Functionality at a glance:  

  • Overview of all automotive related sales documents 
  • Automatically enriching of sales and service invoices with automotive related dimensions. 
  • Introducing the Vehicle Card and Vehicle Ledger Entries 
  • Introducing dedicated Role Centers (Automotive Accountant & Automotive Manager) 
  • Create a Vehicle Trial Balance  

Supported Languages: 

German (Germany), English (US) 



Supported Editions: 

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium Edition 

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