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incadea Automotive365 Vehicle Management supports the purchase and sales of new and used vehicles

incadea Automotive365 is a special solution for automotive workshops and dealerships using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
incadea Automotive365 Vehicle Management allows independent aftermarket businesses and automotive dealerships to work with a single application to support both the aftermarket service business and a vehicle sales business.
Car Sales business generates in turn for the aftermarket service workshop additional revenue and is therefore a major reason, why aftermarket workshops have a small part of car sales in their business portfolio.
incadea Automotive365 Vehicle Management covers both the purchase and the sales of used and new cars. It also allows a workshop to add additional costs, e.g. repairs, body work etc. to the purchased vehicle, which has to be done before the vehicle can then be sold.
This app requires the incadea Automotive365 Base app to be installed.
incadea Automotive 365 Vehicle Management adds a new role to Business Central focusing fully on Vehicle Inventory, Sales and Purchase:
  • Vehicle Manager, that is focusing only on Vehicle Inventory, Sales and Purchase of Vehicles as well as Reports for Inventory and Sales/Purchase of Vehicles.

Features and Benefits of this extension:

  • Keep an overview of all vehicles in your inventory of new or used in your company

  • Reports for Inventory Valuation

  • Reports for purchase and sales of vehicles

  • Control the vehicle business with one designated rolecenter

  • Reduced the maintenance efforts

Supported Languages:

German (Germany), English (US)



Supported Editions:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium Edition

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