Peritos Workflow Delegation and exception Mgmt.

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Manage workflow tasks in a more efficient manner with automatic delegation and Exception logging

Would you like to reduce the time you spend in admin tasks and managing delegation to ensure approvals are done on time? And do you need a better way of checking the health of your approval entries?

We at Peritos are committed to creating Peritos productivity apps which increases your Productivity and helps improve governance and best practices.

Create an out of office schedule and add users as substitute, directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Peritos Workflow Delegation and exception monitoring app, you get an easy solution that helps you manage out of office schedule for your team members covering everything from marking them as out of office, adding the start and end dates and the system just takes care to delegate to the designated substitute.

Once your tasks are delegated and have been sent to the user's substitute, a batch job picks and assigns all notification to the substituted user maintained in approval user setup. All these actions also keep a log updated where you can review everything

Exception Monitoring:

To keep a record if a delegation was done over the threshold limit specified in approval user setup the record gets highlighted in the table by marking as an exception

It also monitors the approvals done and if a user approves a task which is above the sales or purchasing limit after it has been delegated to the user it is also captured in the exception logs

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