Inventory Restrictions

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Easily add and remove restrictions on item inventory, as well as create sub-lots.

With the Inventory Restrictions app by FoodCloudPlus, you can easily restrict inventory through inbound, outbound, and warehouse processes. The user can restrict the entire quantity of an item-lot or a portion of it, and then release it from the restricted condition.

Types of Users
  • Quality Employees 

  • Sales Employees 

  • Procurement Employees

  • Quality Managers 

  • Sales Managers 

  • Procurement Managers 

  • Production Managers

  • Inventory Manager

Customer Needs

Food manufacturers and distributors are frequently required to restrict inventory from further transactions. Products may be temporarily blocked upon arrival at the warehouse for audit procedures, and if they fail to meet quality specifications, they may be restricted from further transactions. Similarly, items may be restricted for inspection during the shipment process. During the production process, finished goods or work-in-progress may need to be restricted and placed in a bin for quarantine purposes.

Key Features and Functionality
  • The Inventory Restrictions app provides the user with the following features and capabilities:

  • Ability to define a variety of inventory restriction codes to restrict inbound, outbound and movement transactions.

  • Ability to apply multiple restriction codes to an item-variant/lot/serial/package.

  • Ability to apply inventory restriction codes to a portion of an item-lot.

  • Ability to define default restrictions for an item.

Ensuring full compliance with quality audit standards and minimizing the risk of errors or contamination, with the Item Restrictions app.

Try our app today and experience efficient inventory restriction management like never before!

Supported Countries
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