PrintVis LoyaltyLoop Integration

avtor: NovaVision Software A/S

Automate your feedback process. Seamlessly connecting print job management with customer feedback.

The integration between PrintVis and LoyaltyLoop will empower print businesses to gain insight of and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. By seamlessly connecting print job management with personalized customer feedback surveys, businesses can strengthen their relationships with their clients.

With LoyaltyLoop's automated feedback collection system, print businesses can gather valuable insights from customers effortlessly, encourage Google and other online reviews, allowing them to continuously improve their services and offerings.

The integration automatically flows customer contacts in PrintVis for recent transactions into LoyaltyLoop, automating the feedback process. Feedback results automatically flow from LoyaltyLoop back into PrintVis, allowing users to easily monitor customer sentiments and act quickly.

To make use of this integration you must have active PrintVis and LoyaltyLoop license.

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