Film Samadhan

avtor: Samadhan

Industry specific solution for BOPP and CPP Films

Film manufacturers all around the world. Procurement of the raw material (wastepaper) needs a special management in
these units. Myriad source (including imports) are there and a large range of qualities. A fool proof system is required not only to manage the contracts but also to
keep a close watch on what is delivered to claim the monetary impact of any deviation. A well-managed system will deliver huge financial dividends.

Partial list of features
• Purchase cycle management (Domestic & Import)
• Integrated procurement planning
• Material grading
• Reel management & bar coding
• Deckle optimization / production planning & scheduling
• Reel cutting plan
• Inventory and purchasing control
• Distributor Commission Settlement - On Sales
• Customer complaints management
• Rejected & customer returned material
• Mobile App and Order portal for end customer, dealer, distributor
• Item reclassification
• Weighing & quality machine integration
• Quality assurance (Jumbo roll & reel)
• Raw material, Incoming & In process quality recording feature
• Profitability addressed squarely
• Statutory reports addressed
• Totally integrated
• Secure and stable
• Available on rented or on-premises mode

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