Item Order Restrictions

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It allows for the restriction of what items can be added to sales and purchase documents.

TPS Item Order Restrictions allows for the restriction of what items can be added to sales and purchasing documents. The Item Restrictions record can be set up at the All Customer, Customer Price Group, Customer Discount Group, specific Customer, specific Vendor, or All Vendor level. If the All Customer or All Vendor option is selected, exceptions can be added to further refine the listing of customers or vendors. In the Item Restriction lines the setup can be applied to the Item, All Item or Item Category option. For ease of data entry and maintenance, Item Restrictions can be set up to either warn the user or error, preventing further entry if an unpermitted Item is used on a document. TPS Item Order Restriction is fully integrated into Business Central’s Sales and Purchasing ordering processes. 

Why would you want to enforce Item Restrictions?

Maintaining compliance with agreements involves ensuring that specific products are only shipped to or purchased from permitted trading partners. Item sales and purchase restrictions help ensure that specific items are only sold to or bought from specific partners:

  • Ensure that customers only receive allowable and that shipments are not rejected at the time of receipt.
  • Reduce customer deductions and complaints due to non-compliant inventory, eating into already slim margins.
  • Prevent the ordering of inventory from unapproved vendors.
  • Reduce returns and potential inventory adjustments from receiving items from unapproved vendors.

Ready to enforce Item Order Restrictions? 

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Supported Editions : This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Supported Countries : United States, Canada 

Supported Languages : English  

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