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Accounts and dimensions reported together with cascading totals in any order.

The USL G/L Report Writer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to build professional financial reports in seconds! Quickly generate cascading reports by account, account type (i.e. headings/totals or posting accounts), and dimension, in any order (account-dimension or dimension-account) and for a variety of financial columns (Budget, Period-to-date, Year-to-date, Unexpended Balance, etc.)

Do you use dimensions and require totals by accounts, dimensions, and user-defined account types?
Does it take too much time and expertise using the built-in functionality to develop and build your own reports?
Tired of hiring outside consultants or purchasing expensive report writing tools?
Want to avoid the intense training required to implement and use those tools?
The USL G/L Report Writer is the answer!

Group your financial data into rows and columns in a variety of ways. Include totals for your global dimensions (i.e. fund, department, location, etc.) subtotaled with the associated accounts and account types. Summarization options include cascading subtotals and line item totals with composite account/dimension combinations (i.e. dim1.dim2.account, dim1.account.dim2, account.dim1.dim2, account.dim1, etc.)

Build a virtually unlimited number of report specifications in formats you easily customize to fit your needs. Keep and re-use these specifications, or create a template specification that can be easily changed at run time to provide a variety of ad-hoc options.

Features and benefits of using our app:

  • Position columns in any order
  • Define virtually unlimited non-contiguous account and dimension ranges
  • Cascade reports in Account-Dimension or Dimension-Account order with subtotals
  • See subtotals by user-defined account types and indentation
  • Customize column headings
  • Use date ranges by column to override the report date ranges (i.e. quarterly reporting)
  • Include/Exclude debit/credit controls based on specification type
  • Limit financial columns available to only those your organization uses
  • Include/Exclude grand totals

Click the Free Trial button to start building your professional financial reports today! Try it for a 30-day trial period. Download today!

Supported editions: This extension supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported countries: This extension is available in the United States and Canada

Supported languages: This extension is available in English and French

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