ProBatch 365 Quality Assurance


Check your quality - anytime, automatically and reliably

YAVEON ProBatch 365 Quality Assurance offers you the possibility to add quality related functions to your companies’ processes. You can define inspection processes along your supply chain and store the measured values for items, lots or serial numbers in the system. With the help of maintained master data, you can reduce the workload in your daily business and thus concentrate on recording the measured values. Inspection plans and inspection orders can also be created for the inspection equipment and objects defined in the system.  

Basic/Master data:
  • Inspection features can store individual inspection parameters  
  • Inspection groups combine inspection features  
  • Inspection plans are based on inspection groups   

Inspection orders: 
Based on the inspection plan and depending on the process, document related inspection orders can be created automatically by the system or manually through a function. You can then enter the measured actual values in the inspection order. 

Further highlights are:   
Sample drawing 
Depending on the quantity to be tested, the system supports you in determining the samples to be drawn.  
Sample shipment 
You can send samples to an external laboratory with system support and a corresponding document.  
Interval rules  
By using interval rules, the number of inspection orders can be increased or reduced automatically, based on the result of the inspection orders.  
Stability tests 
You can create stability tests for samples under certain storage conditions and record the development of measured values over time.  
Certificates of analysis 
Based on the inspection values measured in the inspection order, you can create a certificate of analysis to prove the properties to your customers or internally.  
Automatic item tracking status modification 
It is possible to set up the system, so the status of a lot or serial number is changed automatically, based on the result of an inspection order.  

Supported Editions  
Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  
Supported Countries:  
Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland
Supported Languages:  
English (USA), German (Germany), French (France, Belgium), Dutch (Belgium)
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