ProE-SCM 365 EDI

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Simple and complete Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Do your business partners include Amazon, Lidl, Walmart, Tesco, Metro, Edeka, Mercateo, Siemens, Baywa, or Hornbach? Then this App is made for you.

YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 EDI makes it possible to use EDI in a simply, cost-effectively and highly automated way. The complete package offers everything you need for professional EDI - including freely configurable format conversion. You do not need an additional EDI converter or EDI service provider.

Connect new partners yourself, with us, or with our solution partners. As our configuration concept is two-tiered, technical formats (EDI mappings) and the business parameters are separate. The necessary configuration steps remain easily understandable at the business level. What about the time-consuming creation of EDI mapping logic, formats, and fields? This isn’t necessary - they are ready out of the box.

Are you worried that new partner connections will cost a lot of time and money? Not with our solution!

The detail:

From data communication, e.g. AS2, X400, oftp, http, etc., to transmission status tracking directly at your documents, to a mapping technology that is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV and freely configurable (EDIFACT, AnsiX12, XML,I-Doc, Text, ...) - it's all there.

Processing logic
goes hand-in-hand with key NAV/BC enhancements, such as packages, packaging hierarchies, SSCC details, GS1-number, ID management, GTIN, GLN, DUNS, UPC - shipment orders, trade association processing, and invoice lists. To summarize: The solution has everything you need to deploy EDI. With the EDI module, you can also use standards-compliant barcode labels and shipment documents (even CMR). Your goal to be an A-Vendor? Met easily!

Access the extensive set of message types that you can start using immediately.
Examples from the areas of purchasing, sales, and logistics (forwarding agents):

  • Order import or order export (ORDER):
    Import EDI orders at the sales side and export EDI orders at the purchase side.
  • Order confirmation import or order confirmation export (ORDRSP):
    You will need it for customers like Amazon to confirm the initial order.
    In the same way you can import order response messages at your purchase department.
  • Order change in both directions (ORDCHG):
    Can be used to send a change message to your order or receive such as message from your customers.
  • Delivery notification, with and without packing structures and SSCC information (DESADV):
    This is one of the most important messages - we will send despatch advice/Shipment information to your customers, external locations, ....
    This message is able to transport the essential package hierarchy.
    At the purchase you can receive shipment information from your vendors days before the items are at your locations and furthermore let the data be automatically be created in your system.

  • Invoices and credit memos(INVOICE)
    Absolutely usual message to send invoicing information to your customers.
    In the same way you can receive invoice information form your vendors.

  • Receipt of goods (RECADV), payment notification (REMADV), quotation (QUOTE), article catalogues (PRICAT), customer and delivery address data (PARTIN),
  • Shipping orders (IFTMIN), shipping status IFTSTA
  • Control messages APERAK, CONTRL

With the add-on module for connecting external logistics providers, contract manufacturers and consignment stores, you can set up an interface in record time.

For even more value, add our scanning solution to YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 EDI to speed up shipping times and reduce errors.

Supported Editions

Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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