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AXtension® Visual Planning for Projects


Optimize resource utilization, maximize project profitability.

How can I simplify and optimize our project and resource planning? How can I prevent project delays and exceed our customer’s expectations? How do I manage and keep track of project changes? These are some of the frequently asked questions from project-based organizations.

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AXtension® Visual Planning for Projects:

• Create a single point of truth for all your projects individually or as a program linked to each other. See the direct impact of project changes on Purchasing, Human Capital, Production Orders and/or Budget so you can spend your valuable time to things that really add value to the organization.

• Make the most effective use of your resources by having pro-active detailed insights into available capacity and utilization rates. Make clever decisions and plan activities in a way to make most effective use of your most important assets.

• Project insights are available across all departments. Make decisions based on the latest information, all striving for delivering the project on time, within budget. The system will help with the decision making process during project changes, to pre¬vent a negative impact on the project like margin corrosion or disputed invoices.

• Best web based Gantt available for Microsoft Dynamics 365, intuitively designed for you. Managing multiple projects becomes a piece of cake. Easily form your project teams and make comprehensive resource reservations with little effort. Make project management fun!

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