Prisma Pricing - Get the right price with AI

Prisma Retail

Prisma is a SaaS Enterprise platform that uses AI to optimize retailers revenues and profits

PRISMA is a SaaS platform that analyzes, predicts and suggests actions enabling retailers to increase profits by optimizing Prices, Promotions, Inventory, Assortment and Space within the same platform. 

By analyzing millions of data points coming from different sources, Prisma helps Retailers to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and to setup a strategy and monitor its execution in each Key Retail Process within powerful AI algorithms and a suggestion engine to bring accurate action insights. 

Pricing: Execute your Pricing Strategy following competitive, margin and parent rules. Define margin and price changes caps, significance and rounding rules. Create A/B tests to validate hypothesis and measure Elasticity. Manage your pricing workflow and review audit trails for each decision. Collect competitors prices and make immediate pricing decisions with our Mystery Shopper APP.
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