Avanade Advanced Store Replenishment FY24

avtor: Avanade, Inc.

Avanade Advanced Store Replenishment is a retail replenishment and forecasting solution.

Avanade Advanced Store Replenishment is a retail replenishment, forecasting and inventory management system that integrates with the Retail module of the Dynamics 365 for Operations. It is essential that retailers maintain adequate stocking levels in their stores to satisfy the demands of the customers. Stocking levels are dependent upon many factors such as day of week, season, special holidays and trends that are difficult to monitor manually. Avanade ASR helps retailers forecast the sales quantity of each product per day by store based on the sales history and maintains adequate stocking levels in the stores with timely replenishment. The system recommends the correct order quantity and creates purchase orders and invoices automatically.  Benefits of ASR include:Improved service levels,Increased customer satisfaction ,Reduced time managing stock levels,Reduced stock outs and lost sales and Increased inventory turns.

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