AXtension Content Gate for Finance and Operations

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Find all your relevant content within a split second, regardless of storage location

In a typical organization, business critical content is stored in multiple locations including file-shares, email boxes or decentralized SharePoint environments. This leads to information gaps since there is no centralized solution for all relevant content related to your business processes. Moreover, even if content is stored in one centralized system it is not possible to get an integral overview of all related content, especially not across multi Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. This is exactly where AXtension Content Gate delivers. Seamlessly connecting across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform, both CRM and ERP, providing one single point of truth for content and assuring all relevant stakeholders to be looking at and working with the same content related to your business processes.

AXtension Content Gate:

  • Is an interconnecting content management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and CE Apps, covering the whole content management process from front- to back end;
  • Connects with both SharePoint Online and Azure Blob Storage for hybrid storage utilization;
  • Creates one single-point-of-truth for storing and retrieving content. This helps avoid costly mistakes by ensuring all users are working with the latest version of the document and the need for duplicate storage of documents;
  • Provides fully configurable and highly detailed document security- and authorization options;
  • Allows for content validation and approval using Microsoft Teams;
  • Is able to connect external systems or Microsoft products with an API, such as Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps;
  • Request content from anyone in your organization.

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