Barcode Scanning Add-on for D365

avtor: Confiz Limited

Documenting, transferring, and receiving inventory through barcode scanning technology.

Our Barcode Scanning Add-on streamlines documentation and inventory management for supply chain, warehousing, and distribution-based businesses utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

In a typical workflow, various roles like sourcing, procurement, order-takers, and data entry personnel encounter a complex process for inputting inventory data, barcodes, and product specifics for purchase orders, sales orders, and transfer orders. In addition to this, warehouse workers also face challenges in validating and counting inventory.

To address this challenge, Confiz's Barcode Scanning extension seamlessly integrates barcode functionality into sales, purchase, and transfer order processes, and physical inventory journals within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Our barcode scanning technology for Dynamics 365 significantly simplifies manual data entry and inventory management, offering benefits across diverse industries like wholesale and distribution, retail, and consumer goods. Integrating this inventory barcode scanner feature with your existing D365 ERP reduces errors, automates data input, and elevates documentation, data collection, inventory identification, and validation processes. Consequently, Confiz's Barcode Scanning Add-on for D365 minimizes labor-intensive tasks, resulting in increased productivity and improved operational efficiency for your company.


  • Creating lines in Sales Order through barcode scanning

  • Built-in Inventory count feature for goods shipped/received against Transfer Order using barcode scanning

  • Search purchase lines using barcode scanning

  • Receiving goods through barcode scanning within the standard purchase document

  • Creating lines in Transfer Order via barcode scanning

  • Receiving or transferring goods to other company locations

  • Conducting offline physical inventory counts through Excel Import using barcode scanning

Fast-Track Integration 

Our expert team collaborates with your organization for seamless integration of the add-on with your Dynamics 365 F&O solution in one week. We also provide training sessions for your business users to maximize barcode scanning functionality in their daily tasks. 

Supported Languages 

This add-on is available in English (United States). Translation is possible in other languages.  

Supported countries  

All countries where Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is available.  

Supported Editions  

This add-on supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.  

Get in touch with us for more on the Barcode Scanning Add-on. 

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