Advanced Database Log

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Advanced database log for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

A powerful solution that allows you to track quickly any changes in your data

A common problem in many financial systems is to locate the origin of errors and changes in data

It could be anything from an incorrect customer telephone number to an incorrect posting to the general ledger

The Advanced Log lets you track all modifications a user makes to data in the database

The ability to track changes in directories and documents is crucial for end users, administrators and support team

Key implementation results

Fast search for data entry changes improves data quality

Up to 50% of end users of the system review the history of changes in documents and directories in their daily work

Significant cost reduction for support team

Saves database space and improves the database performance

Convenient to use for end users

A unified form to display all changes, including all related entity records or document lines

Automatic decoding of referenced fields, even decoding of financial and inventory dimensions

Instant search by: date, table, field, record description, values

Easy to maintain

The mechanism of requests from users to add new settings to the database log

Users will tell themselves what changes they want to monitor in the system

Easy to setup

The mechanism of administrator notification about the of new requests, automatic notification of users about the new settings

Quick intuitive setup, even an experienced user of the system can handle the setup

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Quickly and easily installed as an extension and can be safely removed

Does not affect the standard system code, does not depend on the industry, version, localization

No user training required

Flexible settings

Customizable mechanism for generating descriptions of records

The advanced manual configuration of parent tables allows you to track any changes in linked tables and forms

Full multilingual support, including totally customizable tables and fields descriptions

Improves database size and perfomance

Analytical reporting of the size of the log in the context of fields and types of events, user requests and statistics of its use allows you to make justified decisions

Background processing by batch job, does not affect system performance

Flexible procedures of log clearing from old records as well as the ability to restore the log records for the required period, if it is necessary

Useful tool for administrator and support team

Optimized for work with large amounts of data - administrator and support team can view and search in the entire log

Works even with deleted records, users can monitor and restore lost data without IT-support help

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