RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

avtor: Marklite

Digitally manage and track order fulfilment processes in real-time from Microsoft Dynamics 365

RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 is poised to transform the way you manage your order fulfillment processes (including order delivery and pickups) as well as your customer relationships. Distinguished from other digital order fulfillment solutions, RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 offers convenient access to delivery and pickup status, routing, and customer support information in a user-friendly interface, all within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Featuring an integrated driver application with sign-on-glass and delivery/pickup geolocation recording functions, RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 also includes a customer portal for retrieving order completion confirmations (proof of delivery) and configuring notifications. By leveraging these features, you can significantly enhance your customer experience while simultaneously reducing costs through increased efficiency.

RouteCTRL for Dynamics 365 enables the creation of daily routes that can be automatically or manually generated upon the entry of new loads, sales orders, or return orders. You can set up custom search criteria for loads, sales orders, or return orders, ensuring that only loads meeting your specific requirements are included in the generation process. Utilize profile-aware routing data for delivery routes that accommodate the unique characteristics of each truck, such as load capacity and legal weight limits. Additionally, monitor route progress in near real-time with dynamic map updates and send crucial updates when necessary, such as notifying drivers of deliveries that have been skipped or canceled by another team member.

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