MAX Pay Controller - Payment Reconciliation


Omni-Channel Cross Processor Payment Reconciliation for Retail Commerce and Finance and Operations

Automated Payment Reconciliation, Chargeback and Dispute Management for Dynamics 365

Supports all Payment Types in all transaction channels including In-Store, Mobile, eCommerce, Call Center, and Sales Order Processing

MAX Pay Controller (MPC) is an automated reconciliation and reporting tool. MPC provides financial teams with a centralized and highly efficient tool with which to reconcile electronic payments, manage chargebacks and disputes, ensure data integrity, and analyze fees. Drastically reducing the painstaking task of payment reconciliation, MPC also improves efficiencies and ensures the accuracy of critical transactional data.

Key Challenges

  • Commerce payment transactional data disconnected from the payment provider data
  • Reconciliation can take many days per month to correctly reconcile
  • Providers each have their own unique way of representing data
  • Data from multiple sources is in different formats, codes are different
  • Payments Provider’s reconciliation tools do not reconcile without importing data from Dynamics 365
  • Tracking linked refunds is often not straightforward in payment portals
  • Accounting for and defending chargebacks is not straightforward and is time consuming
  • Offline transactions can be difficult to reconcile
  • Non-credit card payment types such as digital wallets, cryptocurrency must be manually exported and matched
  • Additional sales channels such as Amazon transactions must be manually exported and matched

Main Features

  • Automated import of all payment provider transactional data
  • Standardization of all payment data across all sales channels
  • Automated matching of transactions
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Flagging of discrepancies
  • Void detection
  • Linked refund tracking and reconciliation
  • Chargeback linking
  • Chargeback case management
  • Dispute management
  • Fee analysis
  • Reporting
  • KPI Dashboard

Exception Handling

  • Terminals offline not yet forwarded their payments
  • Offline declines that were previously approved
  • Payment mismatches due to card type incorrectly mapped
  • Failed transaction due to technical error
  • Settlement or refund failures
  • Payment allocated to incorrect store or MID
  • Duplicate transactions
  • Unapproved card brand acceptance
  • Higher than normal processor or card brand fees
  • Store refund policies not being adhered to
  • Chargebacks and chargeback reversals

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