evergreen for Advertising and Marketing

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A future proof accounting platform built on Microsoft technology and enriched with’s IP

evergreen is's single platform for advertising and marketing agencies, far beyond the many project management solutions already in the market. Built from the ground up, it is the back-end processing and transactional engine for core professional services functions.
Leveraging the full breadth of Microsoft technology combined with's exclusive Advertising and Marketing layer IP, evergreen for Advertising and Marketing helps meet the challenges of relying heavily on disparate systems for management and billing and adapting to the ever-changing client/consumer needs
With a track record of being trusted by Advertising and Marketing agencies in supporting them, helps advertising and marketing agencies with End-to-end management, maximizing profitability, better resource utilization, improved employee experience, and winning new business

Create accurate and efficient invoices with the ability to constantly view any additional scope/change to the project
Support global, varied and complex client billing with powerful billing rules engine
Facilitate real-time access to inventory, work-in-process, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations

Project Managers
Reduce overservicing by identifying a project at risk of budget overrun
Manage capacity effectively with a view on total capacity (help take on the right number of projects)
Support collaboration and communication through a centralized solution, leading to higher utilization rates and greater project margins

Integrate with other Microsoft tools to provide added functionality through a familiar interface
Run an end-to-end system that is true cloud and control cloud costs, where it lives, customizations, configurations, what it integrates with, etc.,
Configure role-based views of relevant data, so that employees have faster access to the information they need and want

Built on four pillars, evergreen sets you free to focus on what's important to you and your firm: 
Frictionless - driving business efficiency
Resilient - delivering total security
Enlightened - actionable business insights
Engaged - people centric collaboration

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