Forest Products SAMADHAN

avtor: Samadhan

An add-on built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O for Forest Products

Suitable for following manufacturing companies:
  • Wooden packaging products
  • Composite packaging
  • Lumber & Boards
  • Composite wooden materials for construction
  • High value wood for furniture and flooring
  • Structural wood materials for bridges and transportation safety

Core Capabilities

  • Presales Costing Product Design Interface (PSPDI) and Quote-to-Cash Integration:
    The Presales costing feature revolutionizes how forest product businesses handle quotations. With Presales costing PDI (PSPDI) for both new and existing Finished Good items, companies can avoid creating items initially and instead define attributes like length, width, and height. enables accurate costing for multi-level Bill of Material products during the quotation stage, facilitating pre-sales negotiations and boosting overall efficiency.
  • Route and Operations Cost Management:
    This understands that cost management is crucial for success. The extension offers the addition of route and operations cost (resource cost), along with other cost elements such as tooling and development cost, and freight cost during PSPDI. level of cost visibility enables businesses to make more informed decisions and ensures accurate cost estimations.\
  • Auto Creation of Items and Finished Goods Bill of Material and Route:
    With a single click, businesses can declare PSPDI approval, automatically creating all items, from finished goods to assembly and subassembly. The technical design document called Preproduction Product Design Interface (PPPDI) associates Bill of Material (BOM) and route details with the Finished Goods (FG) in just two clicks, streamlining the entire process.
  • Costing for Complex Multi-Level Bill of Material Structures:
    The forest products industry often deals with intricate multi-level Bill of Material structures. This ERP rises to the challenge by enabling precise costing for finished goods with complicated Bill of Materials, ensuring accurate financial planning and optimization.
  • Sample Handling and Auto Creation of Items:
    Handling sample sales orders becomes effortless with auto-creation in a single click. Subsequently, when the main sales order is approved, the ERP automatically creates items and their corresponding Bill of Materials and routes, eliminating manual intervention and speeding up order processing.
  • Role-Specific Workspaces and Enhanced Security:
  • Master Planning (MRP & MPS):
    This is a process of creating and executing production and purchase plans based on the demand and supply of products. It involves two main steps:
    1. Planned production orders & Planned purchase orders: These are the orders that are generated by the system to meet the demand of the finished products or the components.
    2. Cutting plan and execution: is a specific step for products that require cutting of raw materials (Mother RM) into different sizes of assembly or sub-assembly items. The cutting plan optimizes the cutting process by minimizing the scrap and the cost and provides the price details and variance in case of changing the Mother RM item. The system also provides an interface for auto-creation and execution of cut sizes production orders.

  • Scrap Traceability and Flexibility in Raw Material Planning:
    Forest product companies can monitor and optimize production processes, reducing waste and cutting costs. Moreover, the flexibility to change raw materials during the planning stage allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
  • Gantt Chart View of Production Scheduling:
    The extension provides a Gantt chart view of production scheduling, enabling businesses to visualize and optimize their production timelines. feature allows for better coordination and resource allocation, resulting in enhanced productivity.
  • Approval Workflow Configuration:
  • Document/ Drawing Linking Facility:
  • Die, Plate & Other Accessories Threshold/Life Management:
  • Multiple Unit of Measurement Handling (UOM):
    This ERP supports four Unit of Measurements (Sales, Purchase, Bill of Materials, Inventory) per item, enhancing flexibility and accuracy in handling various units of measurement.
  • Quality Control:
    In the forest products industry, maintaining product quality is essential for customer satisfaction. The extension offers quality control modules for incoming, in-process, and FG inspections, ensuring consistent product quality and adherence to standards.
  • Multi-Country Statutory Compliance:
  • Vendor and Customer Complaints Management:

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