Loyalty Solution by Unify Dots

avtor: Unify Dots Corporation

Loyalty Management Solution for Retail, Airlines and Hospitality Companies

Loyalty Management provides businesses a complete solution to drive customers to return to your business, improve customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. The Omni-channel Unify Loyalty solution includes Member Awards, Rewards, Point Redemptions, and Promotions. The Unify Loyalty solution is fully integrated with the Point of Sale and provides capability to be integrated with Mobile Apps, Ecommerce Web stores and the Call center so that a single customer view is available irrespective of the channel. Loyalty members get self-service capability to view transactions on a mobile application, customer portal or a store kiosk. The Unify loyalty program can help increase customer stickiness by rewarding customers for buying products or services in your retail or online stores. Targeted Promotions are served up to customers based on their profile and purchase history. Cross-sell and Up-sell is shown to customers to drive a higher wallet share for the business. Key Features include:
  • Loyalty Tiers
  • Point Accruals and Earning Rules
  • Activity based Awards
  • Point Redemption Rules
  • Rewards and Promotions
  • Event -based Promotions
  • Householding
  • Digital Cards and Physical Cards
  • Alternative Member IDs
  • Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • Transfer of Loyalty Points
  • Offline Support
  • Appropriate Liability Recognition and Accounting Posting

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