Project Changes Tracker

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Tracking changes made easy with Project Changes Tracker

The Project Changes Tracker add-on is designed to cater to all industries that utilize Microsoft Project for their project management needs. It offers a unique feature that allows users to track and record changes in both project metadata and schedules over time. This project change management functionality is particularly useful for trend analysis and data comparison, providing valuable insights into the project's progress and performance.

By maintaining a version history of changes within your Microsoft Project plan, project managers can identify patterns, anticipate potential issues early, and make data-driven decisions.


  • Improve project visibility: The solution enables a historical record of changes that empower stakeholders to understand how the project has evolved through project audit trails.
  • Identify problems early and act on time: Project managers can proactively identify potential problems by tracking changes & KPIs over time through project reporting and analytics.
  • Track changes without manual intervention: Project Changes Tracker reduces the manual efforts required to compare different versions of project plans, increasing efficiency. Drill-down information is always available in a few clicks.


  • Performance Measurement:
    1. Provides a standard against which project performance can be measured.
    2. Enables comparison of planned versus actual progress, helping to identify any variances.

  • Scope Management:
    1. Clearly defines the project scope and objectives.
    2. Acts as a reference point to ensure that the project stays within its defined boundaries.

  • Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning:
    1. Baselining facilitates the structured assessment of project risks by offering a standardized reference point. This process enables the development of informed contingency plans, enhancing the project's resilience to unforeseen challenges.

  • Historical Data for Future Projects:
    1. Establishes a historical record that can be used for lessons learned and as a reference for future projects.
    2. Helps in improving project estimation and planning processes based on past performance.

Ensure your organization is set to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Project and empower project managers with data-driven insights, leading to more efficient and effective project management with Project Changes Tracker's groundbreaking capabilities. Let Advaiya guide you through improved project management.
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