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Taskone is a new-age outsourcing service that helps customers enjoy the best Development & Support.

#Taskone is a new age outsourcing service that helps customers enjoy the best Development and Support Services in Pay as You Go mode without worrying about increasing cost of outsourced resources for the project.

This service has following elements that helps the customers with their outsourcing needs

1. A minimal retention fee per month that is depending on the package opted for by the customer. This minimal retention fee provides a fixed number of elapsing hours to be consumed within the month of allocation.

2. A regular fee per hour for the customer to pay for the services being obtained and not worry for the unnecessary resource cost.

3. Cloud like availability of resources that means the customer has a pool of multiple resources on the technology with no financial liability on the customer for any of the resource.

4. Customer just pays for the hours of service of the development but they get proper overview support from the Project Lead, and Solutions Architect of the team that is not billed to the customer for the hours allocated.

5. A dedicated Project and Accounts Manager to ensure time and quality management for each of the task assigned in the project by the Customer Team.

6. Number of hours allocated for a task assigned by Customer is properly vetted by the Account management team and work is only taken up by the team once the hours are approved by Customer Project Manager / Lead / Authorized Person.

#Taskone service benefits the Customers in

1. Effectively managing their IT outsourcing budgets and improve financial health of the project.

2. Not worry about constant generation of work for the outsourced resources. Just opt for the service that best suits their minimum hours requirement for a month.

3. Not worry about scaling up and scaling down of the resources to avoid any cost spill for the project. Just choose the number of hours that would suit best for the enhanced profitability of the project.

4. Get more resources prepared to take any sudden spike in the project without wasting cost on training, handholding or waiting time.

5. Get best oversight from the experience delivery team members to ensure that the development of the task assigned is as per the best quality and time.

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