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Address systemic problems in business and community with Dyn365CE to house activity & communication.



AwareComm® is dedicated to creating intelligent parallelism between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

We harness the collective power of Microsoft Technologies with AwareComm’s Technology, Methodology & Sentience Data Science to solve systemic organization challenges, which in turn solves systemic community challenges, raises Adaptive Intelligence (AdI) and drives social-cultural change.

AwareComm’s Mission

To create partnerships with Businesses and Nonprofits to solve organization and community systemic challenges resulting in strengthening individuals, developing collective unity, stimulating commerce and increasing social impact. Known by Your Company Culture

What problem do we solve?

AwareComm® Collaboration Laboratories (Co-Lab™ Institutes) overcome the resistance that emerges in organizations when trying to implement change (e.g. adopting new technology) & evokes acceptance and ownership by all stakeholders. e.g. reduce the loss of key employees and their corporate knowledge.

Partnership investment in our solutions for business overflow into community nonprofits.

The initial community focus is to address the intertwined problems of estranged veterans, homelessness, dependency and at-risk kids to create sustainable restoration: to reinstate dignity, enrich life & develop purposeful careers in commerce/business.

Companion Products

  • Teams & Teams Apps (AI-BI-HI for Cultural Development raises Adaptive Intelligence-AdI)
  • Human Understanding Dynamics Relational Models™
  • Human Understanding Dynamics Relational Models™ Manuals
  • Human Intelligence (HI) Algorithm Index™
  • HI Power BI Feedback Dashboards
  • Branded eMod Buddy Apps
  • SSIS Configuration
  • SQL DB Structure


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