MATT (Maintenance Activity Task Tracker)

avtor: Build-Apps Pty Ltd

MATT provides an inventory on CRE asset maintenance within a property portfolio. (

MATT is part of the suite of business applications by Build-Apps he enables your ground team to stay up to date with all your building maintenance activities. For too long, maintenance contract compliance has been an informal and disjoined method of random contractor led reporting. MATT reverses the flow of information and ensures clarity and visibility on contract compliance and maintenance key performance indicators.

MATT is a maintenance solution suite created for the planning and tracking of asset maintenance as a means of devising consistency in building operations across your whole property portfolio. Thus, forming an interconnected overview of your current property portfolio data for optimal performance. He is also capable of creating maintenance contracts with clear KPI, Tasks and requirement to dramatically streamline the maintenance procurement process.

Want to compile the assets, KPI, Schedules and Task requirements to tender maintenance on your portfolio? Just Ask MATT

Want to track the performance and compliance requirements of your maintenance contractors in a fair and equitable way? Just Ask MATT

Want to understand the real cost of maintenance including planned and unplanned maintenance at a micro and macro level? Just Ask MATT

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