PERCIEE (Product Evaluator for Resource Costs Impacts & Embodied Emissions)

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PERCIEE is a library for all product, material and chemical details, regulations and life cycles.

Leverage an encyclopaedia for all product, material and chemical details including but not limited to its life cycle and regulatory documentation.

    • PERCIEE holistically evaluates the cost-effectiveness, functionality and ethical aspects of each product and offers suggestions for better alternatives.
    • His knowledge is vital for both new and existing buildings and has applications in sustainability, cost-saving, and safety.
    • Analyse minutia in the life cycle of products, from manufacturing emissions to distribution costs, and provides material alternatives or insights to improve operational processes through product selection.
    • Keeps an updated repository on product specifications and other material-related data such as MSDS, EPD, RPS, VOC, HPD, PEF, etc.
    • PERCIEE collaborates best with ADAMM, SERGII and REMII to bolster your "Sustainability & ESG" capabilities and leverage your existing enterprise data.

PERCIEE is part of a larger suite of modular apps (, created using Microsoft 365 Power Platform, allowing enterprises to be the sole owners of their confidential data while also providing delegated personnel secure access on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. In addition, the user interface and dashboards are fully customizable to the user’s working requirements, security hierarchies and personal preferences to effectively provide the most accurate and useful information for each user.

About | One solution for bridging disjointed SaaS silos, inaccurate documentation and chasing status updates.

    • Through applications, you can reap the maximum returns on your existing enterprise data and set up a sustainable business infrastructure to take digital transformation to the next level.
    • Integrate with existing tools, structuring all information in a Dataverse to deliver meaningful actionable insights using AI.
    • From a worms-eye view at property level to drive operational efficiency, to a birds-eye view across operations and strategy to improve portfolio returns.
    • Our apps are optimised for all use cases and come in-built with reference data and templates if you want to create new workflows or adapt existing systems.
    • Collaborate with one source of truth while practising genuine data ownership.

Technical Features

    • APaaS (Application platform as a service) cloud service
    • “Family of interconnected M365 CRE applications” that can be implemented App-by-App as the requirements arise, creating an economically scalable solution.
    • The apps integrate with each other and external apps by sharing data within the Common Data Model (Dataverse), providing solutions for CRE functions such as maintenance, facilities, risk, and compliance and ESG etc.
    • Modular applications provide limitless opportunity to customise the App suite for a variety of user profiles, as well as to develop unique solutions framed for discrete markets (health, pharma, hospitality, BtR etc).
    • Emphasis on maximising the AI business opportunities by providing skeleton models within apps.
    • Priority on safeguarding cybersecurity and responsible AI usage to mitigate client concerns over data leaks to competitors or fraudulent data inputs.
    • 100% in-house and onshore product development providing complete visibility, security, and control.

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